Our Team

Meet Our Team

These are the people whose expertise, creativity, intelligence, skills, and experience will help you become you.

Vivek Rangabhashyam

CEO, Founder

Vivek Rangabhashyam is a seasoned branding and marketing expert with a unique blend of experiences spanning diverse industries.

Suman Rangabhashyam

Director of Operations

Suman Rangabhashyam is a multi-faceted professional with a proven track record of over 30 years in Marketing Finance, and Education.

Pramod Vedurumudi

Director of Client Success

Pramod is dedicated to creating brand strategies that not only resonate with audiences but also deliver tangible results for his clients.

Ravi Namala

Senior Graphic Designer

Ravi is a versatile graphic designer with a knack for crafting compelling brand identities, logos, creative ads, and social media visuals.

Sudheer Dunga

Web and Search Specialist

Sudheer is a seasoned WordPress web developer and search engine optimization (SEO) expert with a decade of experience. 

Akash Nagarkar

Client Account Manager

Akash excels at cultivating lasting partnerships with clients, consistently exceeding their expectations through exceptional service.

Jessie Misquitta

Client Account Manager

Jesse is a versatile professional with a strong foundation in the digital marketing and hospitality industry, known for excelling in client service and operations.

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